Fakespot is always exploring new ways to protect consumers from fraud using our proprietary technology that we have developed over the last couple of years. Our mission has never changed: use state of the art technology to protect our users and bring back trust and transparency.

I am proud to announce our latest evolution in detecting eCommerce fraud, Fakespot Guardian. With Guardian, we are now able to detect bad sellers and defend consumers from the issues that are plaguing eCommerce today. Guard is available first on our popular Chrome extension and will be later expanded across the Fakespot platform. Combined with our Fake Review Analysis engines, Fakespot has taken another step in providing a service that ensures users get the best products from the best sellers.

The technology that powers Guardian utilizes a lot of what we have learned and seen with the rise of eCommerce. Our detection methods are powered by the potent combination of machine learning and natural language processing (also powered by ML in certain segments).

We are very excited to give our users the confidence they need to trust Amazon, which currently is becoming the largest 3rd party marketplace in the world. Many problems ranging from counterfeits, fake products, defective products and scams in general come with the rise of 3rd party marketplaces and Guardian is here to put that in check and provide the insight that is needed when we shop online.

Download our Chrome extension to start using Fakespot Guardian today for free.