I am excited to announce that our Fakespot Chrome extension is now able to detect fraudulent, bot, fake and counterfeit sellers on all the English based eBay websites.

You will be able to determine the authenticity of a seller by using Fakespot Guard that will display a badge on the eBay listing page.

The Fakespot Guard badge will let you know if:

  • A seller has sold counterfeits.
  • A seller has committed shipping fraud by not shipping items or scamming users.
  • A seller account got hacked and is now listing fake listings.
  • Many more detection methods that utilize our powerful Fakespot artificial intelligence analysis.

Fakespot Chrome Extension in action on eBay

The Fakespot engines have been detecting eCommerce fraud for close to 5 years now on Amazon, Sephora, BestBuy, Steam and Walmart. We now bring the Fakespot experience to the largest eCommerce auction site in the world with eBay. Our user’s safety and trustworthiness experience in browsing these sites is paramount and we will continuously develop products that bring back trust and transparency to the Internet.

Download our Chrome extension today for free and protect yourself from eCommerce scams.