Super excited to announce that we’ve just released, Fakespot Highlights, a powerful AI generated addition to our analysis reports on that consists of direct summaries of reviews that you have to know about before purchasing a product.

Fakespot Highlights

Fakespot Highlights will organize relevant information into 5 categories:

  • Quality -> What is the product’s quality and characteristics?
  • Packaging/appearance -> How is the product’s packaging and physical attributes?
  • Competitiveness -> How does the product stack up to the competition?
  • Shipping -> What was the general experience with the product’s shipping?
  • Price -> How was/is the price?

Highlights will also further categorize the details by sentiment with Positive, Neutral and Negative sentiments.

This new feature is powered by multiple machine learned models, both supervised and unsupervised, built by our talented data science team. The models were trained on over 7 billion+ reviews using our proprietary in-house stack that delivers blazing fast results in an eCommerce setting. That means no 3rd party APIs and no reliance on outside solutions (always awesome in my book).

To try Fakespot Highlights, download our Chrome extension. After installing the extension, browse to a product page on and click to Analyze or Reanalyze. I would also recommend analyzing a product you’ve owned for a while and see if the Highlights match your personal experience!

We are always excited to build products and features that help our users in getting the best eCommerce experience. This feature is currently in Beta but we are constantly improving the technology in an evolutionary manner. If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.