It’s been a week since the Fakespot iOS app was taken down.

Here is what we have learned:

  • Amazon, a 1.84 trillion dollar company (!!), launched a coordinated PR attack to spread lies and disinformation about Fakespot (we have raised around $7mm).
  • Our internal data shows us that users were increasingly choosing the Fakespot app over Amazon’s own app to shop on their own platform (!)
  • Amazon has bought out keywords for “Fakespot” on the App Store and other places to control what people see. Unlimited resources at work to destroy our company.
  • We have Black Friday level traffic on our website and record level downloads (thanks Amazon!).

This just confirms that consumers do not trust Amazon and want Fakespot.

What Amazon doesn’t realize is that Fakespot is part of a powerful movement, a movement that is for the consumer and for the people. Their actions have confirmed (buying keywords on our name and spreading lies to the media) that deception is the only key strategy that works for Amazon.

As Founder and CEO of Fakespot, I am incredibly proud and privileged to be leading a company that can accomplish such things. We are a platform that is for the consumer and people. Amazon’s actions only validate that.

This doesn’t end here, stay tuned my fellow Fakespotters and friends. We have a lot of exciting developments to announce in the coming weeks.