Natural Language Processing is one of the most exciting fields in computing; making the machine understand text just like a human brain would.

At Fakespot, we invest heavily in innovating our proprietary NLP stack to process inauthentic content such as, fake reviews, at scale with the aim of extracting highly valuable insights from text and in turn provide a new look at the data for our users.

One of the most exciting updates to our platform is the recently released Pros and Cons model which essentially replaces the need for reading reviews! The model is a generative transformer model that “writes” or “composes” its own reviews of the positives and negatives of a product at the level of the GPT derived models we hear about in the press quite often. It has been trained on billions of data points with the model itself utilizing 5 different models under the hood with a really interesting but complex architecture and pipeline.

The Pros/Cons product is now fully rolled out on our Analysis Reports on with further expansion across different websites coming very soon (including the mobile apps). Check out the Loom demo video of me demonstrating it below:

Businesses and companies that are interested in trying our Pros/Cons feature can also reach out to us via Fakespot Trust AI Page where a member from our business development team will show case how this model can revolutionize the way your business processes text today. The use cases go beyond reviews. You can also try out our Pros/Cons API on RapidAPI today: RapidAPI Pros/Cons Page